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This is the Solemn Occasion during which Brother Sylvr passed The Guild Leadership of WoLF over to Boldeagle.

This was the night that Verrado Littlewolf (Shennaia in desguise) Met Boldeagle. He was BESIDE himself.

Wolfies have LOTS of SPIRIT!!!

Jonmar got a bit crusty one night when he didn't get his Black Reaver in CoM one night... 

The WoLFies at war in City of Mist.

Grayeagle had the humbling honor of being presented to his Deity, Mother Tunare.

On this occasion the Druid Grayeagle completed his life-quest and earned his Epic weapon.

Gray was also honored to have been present when Brother Rehleab earned HIS epic weapon.

Ahh the olden days....

When he was young Grayeagle OFTEN lost his head.

WoLFies at war in one of their FAVORITE places.... The Tower of Frozen Shadows.

Grayeagle clowning around...

Brother Denrick had a strange way of packing for a trip....

Raiding one night guild chat got a little...interesting:

Things got a bit wonkie last night.