Guitar Makers Hall of  SHAME!!!!!!!

This website is about DISCRIMINATION! !!! 

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The companies on this list discriminate against those of us that are born left handed. This site is NOT about Right or WRONG, but an attempt to influence decision makers in the Guitar industry toward making better decisions for the Left handed population. We are standing up and being counted!

These companies have stopped making or have never made left-handed guitars OR They  make left handed instruments at a significantly higher price than the right handed equivalents!

I have PERSONALLY verified their positions.

Our Reasoning

Paul Reed Smith GuitarsGuild
Wittman-SpinsTyler Guitars
Sadowsky GuitarsOscar Schmidt
Warr Guitars Sand Guitars
Washburn GuitarsRS Guitars
Phantom Guitar WorksPeavey Electronics
 Parker GuitarsRols Guitars
 Schecter Guitar ResearchMusicvox


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