Guitar industry 


Every industry has its good guys and its bad guys. Every industry has it's ASSHOLES. These clowns are sometimes in a position of power. Sometimes not. In any event, it is incumbent upon us all to recognize them, bring them out into the spotlight, and make them known to all that play guitars. 

The honor of this site's First 

(and possibly ONLY)  


is awarded to 

Chris Greene  

The ASSHOLE that runs the Fender Forums. 

In his high and mighty position he has seen fit to ban me from his site for the creation of these pages. Like most ASSHOLES, the truth seems to bother this meathead. Seems my site pisses off some of his sponsors. Heaven forbid someone should tamper with his gravy train by voicing an opinion.

Look him up and give him a call. Send him an email. He loves it when he hears from his fans. ESPECIALLY on Sunday!!

Your comments are MOST welcome. Feel free to nominate a new asshole. Be sure to include the reasons you feel they deserve this honor:


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