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June 2009
Oct 2010
Sept 2009

I am doing an S10 chassis swap on this truck. There are several threads on the HAMB where others are dong the same thing. 

9-23-08 We attacked the chassis.

The rest of these pictures (in no particular order) are of the chassis...before and after the nights work.


Looks like crap, but there is SOLID metal under all the gunk, with little to no rust. 

These ended up being HEAVILY modified!  




After all the parts were stripped off, the front end of frame was sand blasted and POR-15 was applied for suspension re-assembly:   

Wet sand and having to replace the crap valves that came with the Harbor Junk sandblaster I bought slowed the work down to a crawl. Once I put both clean DRY sand and decent valves into the thing it actually worked pretty well. 

The plan is to POR-15 the front end and all suspension components right now. I didn't want to go further back as the POR could get in the way of the welding. I primered the brackets with weld-thru primer after they got a good cleaning. After the cab mounts and the engine/tranny mounts have been fixed, I will blast and POR the rest of the frame.




Finally got cab mounts positioned and welded in:

April 2011 - I discovered that the cab mounts were incorrectly placed.

They needed to be moved forward 2" to center the front wheels in the wheel wells:

I will needed to reinstall the cab and fenders to recheck the position of the wheels in the wells: