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5 Window upgrade

December 2008 update

Lots of new troublesome rust found:


One corner is under repair



Cowl is UGLY>>>>>


Waiting for patch panel for this corner. Its beat to heck and rusted at the bottom.



We pulled the inner panel behind the driver for access  to all the roof dents.

WAY too many spot welds. PITA.


 April - 2009  Its not green anymore:

There has been a lot of progress since the last update.

There was a very nasty ding in the roof that took some considerable time to hammer and dolly out:


The Drivers side kick-pad is done. I fabbed the panel from scratch:

The top bead is the reason that I am building a wheel to replace the crank on the beadroller. Since this is gonna be a driver and no one will see this, I decided that the panel was "good enough!".

The drivers cab corner is ready for final weld and finish:

The passenger corner is in:

The passenger kick panel is under construction. Lots of fabbing and custom work needed here:


The pillar was also creased parrallel with the doorjamb. 

This came out fairly easily once I was able to drill some holes and slide hammer out the dent:


The louvers will take a bit more straightening, but that is all finish work for now.



The firewall is next:


 Clint has cut out the opening and fabbed a plate:

 I'll add some beads to it and we'll get the Masked Welder to weld it in.

This is a closeup of the attachment I make for the cherry picker to lift and move the cab. The 2x4's are spaced so they can clear the boom on both sides as the cab is raised.

May 2009

The floors are done FINALLY!!!! :

Insulation is installed before the inside sheet metal is re-installed.

I like to use up cans of spray paint that I have accumulated, hence the colorful paint no one will ever see!

Reinstalling the sheetmetal took a toll on my clamp supply. This panel needs to be installed correctly or the rear glass will leak. It was removed to allow access to remove the dents in the cab roof. These have been hammered out.

I do LOVE cleekos. I wish I had more :

The last kickpanel is installed:

With the motor in place I am now able to remount the cab and begin the final bodywork and fab up the Tranny tunnel.

First step: Measure and shear off a piece of 18 Gauge steel:

Then layout the panel. The misshapen "lump" image was a guess based upon placing the panel on the truck floor and doing a hand drawing. I then drew the matching sided form using a grid.

This is my makeshift  "stump" for doing the metal shaping.

Hammer and fit and hammer and fit and..


After a couple of fittings I decided to make a brace that will double as a form for the ends of the tunnel. First step is to make a piece of 1"x1" angle out of 18 gauge.

Then shrink/stretch to shape. It turned out the wonderful 90 degree bend was too much.

and Fit and shrink and stretch and fit and...

This process showed me that I needed more shape in the end of the tunnel. So....

More hammering...fitting...hammering...damn my arm is tired. The first casualty:

To the bench for a substitute:

and hammer and fit and hammer and fit and... Do you sense a theme yet?????

This shows the expanded work area as disclosed by my template/brace.

Getting CLOSER!!!!


I found more rust issues around the windshield and in the Vent:

Windshield repaired: