Farmed out
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I farmed out the rest of the flooring due to a move. 

The work was done by the lying cheat at Time Trek Motorsports in Manchester, MI. This is one of the bait and switch artists in the industry. He quotes a fixed price on a job then finds more "issues" and wants more money. The "new" issues he claims to have found had nothing to do with the shoddy work he DID do. His word is worthless.

To sum up, the job was a disaster. Poor workmanship, little understanding of structure or engineering, and really bad welding. I paid his price of $1500.00 for this "work". TOTALLY unprofessional.

Catch pockets for water and dirt left open:

Seams left unsealed and unwelded:

Some REALLY bad welding

Note the unfinished seams, the weld thru and the wires left sticking out:

There was a 2" gap under this floor support. It was not supporting the floor. Now it does support the floor and won't trap dirt and moisture now due to the addition of a new side to the support and some spot welds and proper seam welds:

This hoop in the torque tube tunnel had to be shortened 1.5" so that it lay flat against the floor boards:



Half the floor was painted and the other half left bare to rust:

If you were a professional fabricator, would YOU let this kind of work out of YOUR shop when just a couple of hours would set it right and preserve your reputation?

THEN would you lie about your paid-up-in full customer on  your website?

This clown needs to be put out of business.