Our HEROS!!!!

These are the GOOD Guys! They either offer us Lefties their products at the SAME PRICE or make a CONSIDERABLE number of their products in Left Handed versions!!

Carvin Guitars

Dean Guitars

Specimen Products

Jay Turser Guitars 

Gretsch Guitars

Ovation Guitars

Heritage Guitars

Read Custom Instruments

Ibanez Guitars

Agile Guitars

  Epiphone Musical Instruments

  G&L Guitars

  Rickenbacker Guitars

Tokai Guitars

  Minarik Guitars

  Chafin Guitars

  Dillion Guitars

Larrivee Guitars

  Seagull Guitars

Garrison Guitars

  Taylor Guitars

Tym Guitars

  ToneSmith Guitars

Tom Anderson Guitarworks
Siegmund Guitars and Amps Read Custom Instruments
Pawar Guitars Stambaugh Designs
Mo'Jo Labs MJ Guitars
Putnam Guitars Wendler Instruments
Stambaugh Designs Veillette Guitars
Warrior Instruments

Honorable Mention

These folks make a number of their products available to us. 

Gibson Musical Instruments

Vigier Guitars

Fender Guitars

Pawar Guitars



Send me an email if you know of a brand name that should be on either of these lists, or if you think someone is placed in the wrong area!

Also your comments are MOST welcome :   Goodguys@glennsplace.com