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rebuilding drive train

I decided to make my own mounts. The store bought ones looked clunky to me. I searched around and found some spring bushings that fit inside  the 1.75" OD tubing I had. I made a plate to fit the block bolt pattern and added some tabs. I cut the bushing to fit and machined down a grade 8 bolt to fit the center of the grommet:

Nice and tight fit. Too tight. I forgot to allow for the sleeve over the bushing. I had to cut off the tabs and re-do them. I then fabbed up the piece to attach to the frame:

When I put everything together the headers would not clear the a-arms.   Soooooo....try three. This time I placed the engine in the EXACT position I wanted it to be and blocked it up in place. Then I cut a slat of wood and made  pattern:

and fitted in place:


I used a stack of washers to simulate the rubber bushing for the fit-ups and ground the bases to fit:

Here they are tacked in place:

The motor was coming along beautifully. I was going to use these beauties:

So I cleaned them up:

Looking GOOD! 

 Until I tried to bolt them down.

One cover has offset holes, the other does not. If you look REALLY closely you can see that they are NOT a pair and there are some very subtle differences.


Somedays I hate cars.

Other days are when you open a box and find these:

And this: