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40th birthday

November 29, 2010

The car has been sent out to Ron Lisle at 

Godspeed Gearhead Equipment to get a shave and haircut.

Say HI! to the folks Ron. (Ron is one of the GOOD GUYS!)

The Merc arrived at Ron's shop without incident.

My buddy Clint provided the truck to pull the trailer. He's a GOOD GUY too. 

Did you notice how much taller the Merc is next to a JACKED UP Camero?

We brought along the spare roof, the Sedan delivery rear door  and the glass.

Ron has the neatest junk pile:

December 3, 2010   First Ron fitted in the rear door: 

Then bracing was added:

The cuts were marked:

And the cutting starts.... (this is hard for me to watch!!!)


Because of the cost and danger of breakage inherent in cutting old glass

 the windshield frame will remain intact.

December 12th, 2010

December 26th:

Feb. 2011 update:

March 10, 2011:

Much nicer roofline:

4-10-2011 More Pictures:

More pics taken 4-5-2011:

Ron treated me like a god during the visit!

Burnt offerings for dinner! LOL.

Actually the steaks were great!

Gotta get RID of that F$%& logo on the rear door!


6-1-2011 back on the rotisserie...

Ron is making great progress on the rear spare tire well:

6-25-2011 More pictures:



11-10-11 Body back on chassis: