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Tri-State Masonry aka

Tri-State Tuckpointing



832 So. 23rd St
Quincy, IL 62301



This company makes many promises and keeps almost none. They are TOTALLY unreliable.

The owner is a liar and a cheat. He beat me out of $1500.00.

I contracted with them for a major job, to tuckpoint my building and install glass blocks which I provided to replace existing windows on March 18th, 2015. It is now October 12th and the work has barely begun. Both last week and this week they promised to be here all week to do the work. No one has arrived. No calls to explain delays.

On 7 different previous occasions they failed to appear to do any work on days they promised to appear.

On the 3 occasions they DID appear, they worked 3-4 hour days, arriving late in the morning and leaving early in the afternoon.

They screen calls on their phone and do not reply or respond to call back requests.

DO NOT give this company any down payment monies.

The man is TOTALLY not to be believed.